Make your bank a part of your customers’ daily lives that they love

AddBank IO is a cloud based hyper personalization banking platform that delivers AI-driven smart customer experiences to retail banking customers based on their life events .

We leverage AI to identify customer life events and help banks to know what their customers need in the moment when they need it .

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Using the widest range of data sources , we create pre-packaged financial insights in real time , instantly reusable by any bank to better their customers' financial life while growing their share of wallet .

AddBank IO collects traditional banking data such as transaction data, customer information and merges it with non-traditional data.

Why AddBank IO?



Diverse data sources

We use every data source possible to help you understand your customers better. Think products, transactions, account aggregation, demographics, channels, location, social media, browsing, photos, typed text and beyond.



AI powered personal , relevant and contextual experiences

We use AI to map out data relationships, finetune recommendations and predict the financial needs of each and every customer of yours.



Instantly reusable pre-built use cases

Our experiential banking platform provides you with instantly reusable pre-built use cases to deliver
hyper personalized experiences to your customers when it matters to them most. Which leads to increased engagement, deeper loyalty, and higher ROI.

About Us


The banking you'll love but we are not a bank

We are a smart team in blue jeans wanting to change the banking industry for better and for always.

AddBank IO's experiential banking platform brings to you the edge that will make your bank a beloved part of people's daily lives

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